B Company 159th  ASHB  101st Airborne Vietnam

 Check out this 101st  Airborne LRRP web site for  " I  Company "

                                 Drew's World Of Choppers

                               Yes Jane we still love you. I like this animation

                               Welcome to Grunt

                               The Kitchen Table Gang... A really great site

                               Guns A Go Go... These are some bad ass hooks !!

                              DOLPHINS & SHARKS...174th Assault Helicopter Company. Check out the radio call                                                                                             durning Lam Son 719

                              The Big Windy Club... A good hook site

                              A Company, 2/501st Infantry, 101st Airborne... A must vist site!!

                                  Charles Lee  has a site about helicopters in Vietnam that you really need to take a look at!

If you have a site related to CH47 Chinooks , helicopters or anything to do with hook's or the army in Vietnam and would like your site listed here please email me the link and I will check it out.