One Man's Story

Several years ago I took my wife to the local car dealer to buy her a new car and after looking at the cars I got to talking to the salesman as he had noticed my Vietnam tattoo's. He asked me what I did and Vietnam and after telling him I was a grunt my 1st tour and a door gunner my second tour and both times with the 101st Airborne he asked if I might know someone that worked there at the dealership and told me his name. I thought for a while and the name didn't ring a bell so I told him no, but there where a lot of men in Vietnam. He went on to tell me that this person had been a heleicopter pilot and was shot down several times and became a POW the last time he was shot down and after being held in a tiger cage he had escaped and was found. He also told me that with the help of a writer he had published a book about his time in Vietnam to try to help him with his PTSD. I asked him the name of the book and he told me " Maverick" as that was his call sign in Vietnam. I do read every book on Vietnam that I can get my hands on and knew I had read it. He asked me if I  would like to meet him and we went into his office. As we went though the door I saw a man just staring out the window in very deep thought. I was introduced to him and we talked a while about our times in Vietnam. We found that we had served in the same area, but had never met. I told him I had read his book and thought it was great and was proud to meet him in person. I also asked him if I brought the book I had to him if he would autograph it for me to which he replyed sure. I went home and found my copy, but since i had read it several times it was in bad shape so I went to the book store to buy a new copy. I took the book to him and below is what he wrote in the book for me. What I am trying to say is if you were in Vietnam this book is a MUST  read even if you hate to read. I will not go into all that is in the book, but i can tell you it is great! This man was so much a hero he devised a way to pull grunts out of trouble with a Cobra and no not with a sling! Sorry, but if you want to know how he did it read the book. You can order the book at any of the online book stores or go to one of the larger book stores near you and if they don't have it they can order it for you.  The name of the book is Maverick by Dennis J Marvicsin and Jerold A Greenfield. The ISBN number is 0-515-10662-3 That number will help if you have to order it. I haven't seen Maverick in a few years, but I hope he is hanging in there and doing ok.


May 28th 2002

I have just received an email from someone who visted our web site and knew what Denny is now doing... Denny is now flying as a pilot for one of our local  Florida tv stations... Back in the air where he belongs !

Below is a very good book that I have read and feel it is one of a few books on Vietnam that is really worth the money. The book is about a crew chief on a slick and his time with the ship from the states to Vietnam. I will not go into detail about the book but if you like books on Vietnam this is one to add to your collection. The book is self plblished so you will have to buy it direct from the author at...

Also if you ask he will autograph the book for you!