Photographs 10

Playtex 514 hit in the tail section by an RPG

Jeep Wash... Paul Foster and I killed a snake about 18 feet long that came into the water from the brush in the background. Then we had to bribe a ARVN in a duce and a half to tow the jeep out. That tow job cost us a half bottle of good whiskey LOL

LOH  Aka... Loach


SP/4  Bajeiski  (not sure of the spelling) WIA. Was wounded coming out of a firebase when all of a sudden AK47s started firing  and 1 of the rounds hit the ammo box that was hooked to his M60 and set off a bunch of M60 rounds . The AK47 round came through the box and hit him in the arm. Later that day the ship went down and had to be sling loaded out.

MPC... We carried paper money so the coins would not rattle in your pockets.

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