Photographs 11

Playtex 508 I always felt safe on this ship



CH-47C 67-18508 1595.0 B-478 Crashed 11-May-70 159th, Combat: (RVN) Hit by enemy fire. Made controlled forced landing. No casualties.

See I told you she was a safe ship!!

Photo taken by Paul Foster while riding stinger.

Left to right... Unknown, FE Eddie Stedham and me in the CE/Gunners seat

Lift off at Playtex pad

Firebase Fuller. I have been there as a grunt and as a hook crew member.

I use to drop off a bag of ice cold beer to a friend still on Fuller when ever I knew we were going there.

How did I keep it ice cold...Put them in the big silver ice water jug on the ship!

He would run out everytime he saw a hook coming to see if it was my beer wagon coming in lol

For a great site and the story about when FSB Fuller was over run check out this site

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