Before coming to C/159th ASHB I spent my share of time in the bush as a RTO when needed and during one of those times we had set up a NDP west of FSB Fuller. Along about 2am we had movement to our front which we took to be NVA or VC, But after about 10 minutes or so a trip flare went off and what we saw was as bad as the  NVA or VC! There was no way we were letting him get to us and since he was almost as scared as us he froze for a second then started right for us. A few hits from 4 M 16's stopped him about 20 feet from us. We all felt bad for having to kill him, but like they say "War Is Hell" When word got back to the rear about what had happened the C.O flew out in his personal chopper to take command of HIS tiger, but about 2 weeks later the photographer that took the picture above came back to Fuller with a copy of the photo above for each of us... I think he felt we got screwed out of our trophy.