Playing Real Money Poker Within Your bankroll When you play the game of poker, your stake is your bankroll. If you have no stake, you need a new job. You're effectively out of the game. If you're playing outside of your bankroll, you're on the fast track to the world of busting. You have the chance to win big, face it, you can't afford to play bigger than you can afford to lose, and somewhere in that mix, players need room to bounce back. Real money poker, played with a strong poker strategy gives you the chance to win big if you pay attention to the following tips: Know the stakes If you are playing $.50/$1 micro stakes real money poker games online, you want to be playing with a sufficient bankroll. It's generally suggested that you have at least 200 times the big blind. That's a bit low actually however. The average buy-in for this game is $100. You're going to want to leave yourself some cushion. So ten times that. Players looking to play at real money stakes with a big blind of $1, should theoretically have $1000.00 in their bankroll. Visit for more good information about poker! Or you could check out my Playtex page!