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The Offical Web Site For C Company 159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion

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This web site is the property of the veterans from C company (call sign: Playtex) 159th ASHB 101st Airborne and is NOT owned by or part of any other 159th ASHB web site.

If you were a member of Playtex either in Vietnam or in the states please email the webmaster so you can be added to our roster

If you have a web site and would like us to consider that site for the "Playtex Award" please email me the web address and we will take a look.


My Cousin

Back Seater In F4 KIA


Born on Jul 02, 1944

His tour of duty began on Oct 15, 1969

Casualty was on Apr 17, 1970




Panel 11W - - Line 19

Site updated on June 1, 2006 with Photos 28 and up. Also added is the Taps section for our fallen Playtex heros

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